It was a very rewarding weekend with the children

It was a very rewarding weekend with the children. We had the privilege of seeing one of the older students perform with his dance troop at a community center. His dance troop was arranged by one of the volunteers at Makaphutu aiming to reach young Africans through dance and music. Many from the community gathered to watch many different troops perform. It was a loud and exciting time! It was encouraging to see everyone come together and show support for each other and their talents. There were many different genres of art displayed from hip hop dance, ballet, singing and acting. We were able to take all of the children from Makaphutu. They enjoyed themselves as well dancing and jumping around to the music.

The children of Makaphutu and a family from the community gathered for a day at the beach. It was a wild time keeping track of 25 plus kids dancing and splashing in the water. Thankfully there were plenty of adults to keep a watchful eye. The kids were thrilled to have the opportunity to ride a few of the amusement park rides as well as play video games.

The kids have been out of school for the past few weeks for winter holiday. Since many of the children are behind grade wise, study sessions were arranged for a few hours during the day. We worked with the students on basic math facts, reading and uses of punctuation. While the kids did not readily like winter school, it is reassuring to see them progress in their math and reading skills.

I look forward to the next week while we continue working with the students and do various projects such as painting the cottages and working on finishing up the science lab at the local high school.

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