Yay! Today was the first time that students got to use the new science lab at Kwantebeni! This morning the 11th grade life science class completed a kidney dissection, and this afternoon the 10th grade life science class learned basic microscope structures and techniques using a lab that I do at home. It was AWESOME to see the lab room that we have been working so hard on full of kids engaged in hands-on activities. I was impressed by their behavior in class (and these classes were big…56 students in the afternoon class!), and they jump at the chance to learn something new. It was neat to be doing a lab that I created at home and use in my own classroom here in South Africa. And the students truly seemed to enjoy the lesson and have fun too! When I was helping a few of the groups learn how to use the microscope, I would get the image in focus and then ask “Ok, who wants to be the first one to see?” Hands shot up into the air…literally. And their reactions after looking in the microscope and doing the kidney dissections were great! I walked away from school today thinking that these activities are just the start to improving their science education.

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