busy week

We have had a very busy week painting three of the cottages at Makaphutu. After hard work and a lot of fun, the cottages are a lot brighter and cleaner! The kids had a great time helping out. We utilized them helping clean up the floors and paint the corner areas. They loved having a job and saying that they were participants.

The kids were so eager to get back to school after their three week holiday. I was amazed to see so many kids who could not wait to get back to school. This is definitely not the case for American children or adults for that matter! The kids returning from family were just as eager to get back to Makaphutu and continue their studies.

We spend our days helping out at the local schools assisting the teachers with whatever they need. The classroom sizes are quite large compared the classes in America. There are about 45 students in a typical African classroom. It is difficult for the teachers to give each student the individualized attention that they crave. Thankfully the students are fairly well behaved and make it easier for the teacher to carry out the lessons.

Homework club is now in full swing. After school the kids are required to spend an hour doing math and English fundamentals. A lot of the students are not up to grade level and are in need of a lot of extra help with the basics. We work with the kids completing homework as well as teaching them the new skills that they have not been able to grasp during the regular school day. The kids are not as readily eager to attend Homework Club as they are to attend school. They do their best though and know that in the end it benefits them to complete their homework early.

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